Why work with me?

In an industry flooded with agents, it is nearly impossible to not already have a connection with a real estate agent in some way when it is time to buy or sell a property.  While it may bring comfort to know the person who will represent your needs during the transaction, it is far more valuable that you work with someone with the proper skillset, mindset, and abilities to help you through what will most likely be the biggest purchase you will make in your lifetime.

With so many options for real estate professionals, why would you choose me to represent you as either a buyer or a seller?

You will be spending a lot of time communicating with your agent.

Whether it is in person, through email, texts messages or phone calls, you will be spending a lot of time communicating with your agent.  You want someone who you can relate to and with.  Someone who can empathize and understand your stresses, concerns, and even fears with the process.  A person who will explain what you should expect, and support you when issues arise (and they will arise) in the transaction.  You will want to choose an agent you trust, treats you like a friend (not simply a client), is a good communicator, and a strong negotiator on your behalf.

You want an agent that has YOUR best interest at heart.

You want to partner with an agent that will listen, REALLY LISTEN, and understand your wants and needs.  Someone you can be honest and transparent with.  Someone that will ask appropriate and probing questions to help you discover exactly what you are searching for in your home for the buyer, and someone who will help you get the most out of the transaction for the seller.

You want a professional.

While appearances aren’t everything.  Pay attention to the professionalism in their presentation, marketing materials, the way they carry themselves, and their communication.  How will your agent represent you?  Are they passionate about what they do?  Do they bring that energy to your interactions and those with other agents?  Are they appreciated and trusted by others in the industry?

There is strength in numbers.

Imagine getting access to an entire team by listing or committing to purchase with an agent.  An agent who is supported by a team is able to provide even greater levels of service to you.  From marketing your home to collaborating on listings on or off the market that might meet your needs, and of course, working together to close the transaction all the way through close of escrow and beyond.  You may want to strongly consider partnering with an agent who is part of a group.

So why work with me?

Though I am a new real estate agent, I am confident that I am the right agent for you to partner with.  While being on this side of the transaction is new, buying and selling of houses is not new to me.  Along with my wife and daughters we have both purchased and sold homes, and have lived the stress, concern, excitement, and enjoyment that will allow me to empathize with you throughout the process, coming from a place of experience and understanding, and using the lessons I learned when it was my money and peace at risk.

Throughout my years as a professional business person I have enjoyed the opportunities to develop as a communicator, negotiator, sales person, finance expert and leader in business in the industries I have been fortunate to be apart of.  As a result, I have advanced skills in problem solving.  Whether it’s a difficult property to market, a tough negotiation, professional communication throughout the process, or needing to work with other professionals on your behalf, I am confident there will not be an issue that cannot be resolved with the myriad skills I possess.

YOU are the priority.  Together, with the rest of my team at Nicoll-Pallini Group, you will enjoy extraordinary service.  I will attentively listen to what YOUR needs are, ask probing questions to further clarify your wants and desires, and implement a process that will allow our entire team to give you an experience beyond what you imagined.  I will serve you with unwavering passion for your success, the highest level of customer service, and with the honor and integrity you deserve from your realtor.

I look forward to working with you and giving you an experience you won’t forget!

Posted on November 19, 2019 at 11:16 am
Stephen Harris | Posted in Agent Relationship |